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                        loving the Earth & all her inhabitants                                                
                a community loving the Earth and all her inhabitants

Resurrection: Zombie-ism or a Different Reality?

NEWSFLASH: We are now meeting in Reynoldsburg, OH, during the summer of 2012.
Email or call for the exact location! We start at 7 pm.
                      This service is both traditional and non-traditional!! We have singing, scripture discussion, prayer, and communion every Sunday night. Email Marj for additional info. Honestelectionscow@gmail.com or call 740-739-1390. Diversity welcomed! 
We are Wildwood, a community of people who love the Earth and all her inhabitants. Many of us are Christian, but the type of Christians who share our Creator's love of the Earth and her inhabitants. "For God so loved the world..." --John 3:16. Some of us are people of other faiths, or simply people who share a common vision: that we were put here to take care of one another  including all living things, and the beautiful place we have been given to live. We believe in love, peace, justice, and in sharing.

53 tomato plants at the barn house in Alexandria, OH            The fenceline, postholes being dug July 2010 at Wildwood

It's October now and we're still getting vine-ripened tomatoes! We sold them in a front yard stand, and to one soup and salad organic restaurant in Granville, OH. We also gave away a ton, and dried about ten batches of tomatoes that are now in the freezer, as well as made spaghetti sauce a few times.
WE NOW HAVE CHICKENS!! 19 hens and 1 very nice rooster (we hear they aren't always this nice!) Fresh eggs from free-running chickens. fed on organic grain. Photos coming!
UPDATE! We now have 18 hens and one rooster, Gromit ate a hen who flew over the fence. Whooops. The rest of the girls are happy and running around and are laying one egg each per day, usually! Email or call if you want eggs, $2.50 a dozen.  Marj delivers to a location in Columbus, or come by the farm in Alexandria. Joyce has planted 50 tomato plants for a crop in July and August.
Church of the Wildwood

One part of Wildwood is the church which meets in the woods. NOTE: presently we are meeting on SUN nights at 7:00 pm in Reynoldsburg OH.

Call Rev.Marj at 740-739-1390, to make sure we are meeting as scheduled.
Email: honestelectionscow@gmail.com

Most of us are Christian, who believe that Christ is the Light  of the World and that Light shines in the hearts of all creatures and must be encouraged and nourished. We respect people of other faith journeys and acknowledge that we have many common values enabling us to join with people of other faiths to do the work God calls us to do in the world. This work is spreading Christ's love for the world--"God so loved the world..." John 3:16, and doing God's work of justice, peace, compassion, and sharing of the resources we have been given.

We do have communion (Eucharist) every Sunday, but do not have dogmatic rules about what you have to believe.
We have discussion of Biblical scripture, historically and as it might apply to our lives now.

We are affiliated with Metropolitan Community Churches, which is affirming of ALL people! We do not discriminate! We encourage diversity and respect for people of all backgrounds. We are officially an "outreach" ministry of the MCC in Louisville, KY. As such we are not an MCC, but are a ministry outreach of an MCC.

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Another part of Wildwood is the Greenspace. We are creating a space of:

sustainable food production without pesticides or other poisons,

feeding people who are hungry and teaching them how to better provide for themselves

sustainable energy production such as by wind and solar power,

non-exploitation of other living beings in our production methods,

providing a safe place for animals and humans,

encouraging full potential of all who visit and work here.

working for justice for all creatures of the planet (and of the Universe as we become more aware of its needs)

THIS Summer, 2011, we are raising  crops, making gardens, planting trees, and fencing in the spaces. Also this summer we will be building more buildings. If you can  help, c'mon out! If you need a place to stay for a few days, there is camping space and usually an extra bed or floor space in the barn-house in Alexandria. The Brownsville property has a small cabin for rent for a donation. There is no electricity or running water at this point at the cabin.UPDATE: electricity coming soon! There is a composting toilet. It is a beautiful location with rolling fields and treed areas. The Alexandria barn-house, on the other hand, has all the amenities and several residents paying rent.

740-739-1390,  honestelectionscow@gmail.com

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